Use Bulk Edits, Locks, and Checklist Templates for a Faster ATO

OpenRMF Professional v2.8 for automating your ATO

Using Checklist Templates and Bulk Features

With OpenRMF Professional you can have pre-filled DISA, CIS or Custom checklists for your scans and system packages to get a jump start quickly. Fill in known status, details, and comments across checklists and vulnerabilities in a template. Then use that template over and over across your devices. Have a consistent set of information for your checks from the start.

Where You Would Use a Checklist Template

You can use a checklist template if you have a lot of scans that create similar checklists across your devices. And you want consistency.

Where You Would Use Bulk Edit and Lock Features

Have you ever had a bunch of Windows server or Linux server checklists and wanted to fill out vulnerabilities across them all the same way? All at one time versus a “copy and paste” extravaganza? Now you can! With the bulk edit vulnerability feature in OpenRMF Professional, it is easily done and tracked for you.

Evaluate OpenRMF Professional For Yourself

Soteria Software’s OpenRMF Professional is revolutionizing the way you track RMF, FedRAMP and Cyber Compliance through automation! Whether you are tracking RMF and FedRAMP right now by itself, automating in a DevSecOps process, need a cyber compliance engine for your Software Factory or are even migrating on premise to cloud infrastructure — OpenRMF Professional can help ease the workload and get you there faster.



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Dale Bingham

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