Perform Remote Assessment of Cyber Compliance with OpenRMF Professional

Dale Bingham
4 min readOct 22, 2023

Have you ever wished you could remotely see what your accreditation and ATO status is on your programs or customers? Their latest scans, POAM updates, vulnerability numbers and more? Without just getting a massive dump of XLSX, PDF, and DOCX files? Whether you need to see a quarterly update, get information on an ATO in process, or just to see the latest status?

Well you can! Use OpenRMF Professional to view latest vulnerability numbers, POAM items, status, trends in data, continuous monitoring numbers and more from your web browser. That is all you need!

OpenRMF Professional each remote site

You can have each remote site use OpenRMF Professional locally. It is linked into their network, their scans, and their authentication and authorization mechanisms. They load their data at defined frequencies, have the live POAM and dashboards loading from the data, and generate whatever artifacts as required.

You can log in remotely at any time and see the same data remotely, as long as there is network connectivity. And you can pull data via APIs to your own reports and dashboards as well.

Benefits from this:

  • remote site keeps data up to date locally at their site
  • remote site can use SOPs to load data — does not even need to know RMF
  • you have a view into near real time data based on the latest scans
  • can be done with continuous network connectivity or connectivity as it happens (e.g. a forward deployed site that may not be connected 100%)
OpenRMF Professional at each site that you can log into remotely, call with APIs to retrieve data, and more

OpenRMF Professional at your HQ Site

An alternative is to have 1 installation of OpenRMF Professional at your HQ site and everyone feeds you their data to their own system package / accreditation package. That way you have it all at your site, ready to report on and view with your setup.

All remote sites can do the same scans, they just load it via the UI or API into their own accreditation package and all the automation happens there. And they can automate their scanning and uploading as well, just use an API key and token you generate at the HQ site.

Benefits from this:

  • all data in one spot
  • HQ has all data
  • HQ controls access to all data regardless of remote site
  • lower software costs and maintenance costs
OpenRMF Professional at the HQ site they load scans and data into via the UI or with APIs automatically

Free Evaluation — See For Yourself

As you can see from all this above, OpenRMF Professional v2.9 allows you to do so much more with the information you already have in your cyber compliance processes. Whether through different scan results, documents, or even screenshots. And it does it automatically, giving you back precious time, money and resources.

No matter where you are physically or where your customers or clients are physically as well. And not a ton of files to sift through manually.

This lets you map your processes and procedures around your chosen cyber framework to our solution. Or adjust those processes and procedures around the automation that OpenRMF Professional provides.

It enables better cyber hygiene to reduce security risks and costs, as well as improve security posture.

And it allows you and your team to track all projects, programs, and system level cyber compliance in your portfolio in one place.

Evaluate OpenRMF Professional for yourself and see how it helps you and your team achieve a faster ATO through automation. With consistent, repeatable results. Using the same team. With a LOT LESS stress on them! And letting your cyber engineers be engineers, not cyber administrators.

You can download a prebuilt OVA to quickly stand up a virtual machine on your computer or network. Or you can download the installation and set it up yourself on your own equipment.

We give you a 30-day license that fully unlocks the power of OpenRMF Professional. Check out our documentation, blogs, YT videos or even schedule a demo or quick conversation on your use cases and questions.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Time is one of our most valuable resources. As are the people on your team. Get them the solution they need.

Get them OpenRMF Professional.



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