OpenRMF Professional for Commercial Customers

OpenRMF Professional for Commercial Uses

Tracking FedRAMP Compliance

If you are a commercial company tracking your FedRAMP compliance for software offerings to government organizations and agencies, that is a great use case for OpenRMF Professional. There are a lot of NIST controls and overlap of RMF and FedRAMP for sure and our software helps you in several key areas.

Adopt NIST RMF for Cyber Compliance

We also have seen banks, logistics companies, even international companies adopt the NIST Risk Management Framework for tracking cyber compliance and at least having a roadmap to work toward.

One View of All Vulnerability Types

A third way we have seen commercial groups use OpenRMF Professional is in having a single view to track all their CIS benchmark scans (Audit Compliance), DISA benchmark scans (SCAP or Audit Compliance), manual checks as well as software scans (SAST, DAST, etc.) and container scans.

Same Great Automation Around Cyber Compliance

When we initially set out for OpenRMF Professional to be a solution for people, it was mainly driven from experience of doing all this manual work for U.S. Federal and specifically DoD customers. That is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world if you think about it. So it helps them for sure.

Evaluate OpenRMF Professional for Yourself

Soteria Software’s OpenRMF Professional is revolutionizing the way you track RMF, FedRAMP and Cyber Compliance through automation! Whether you are tracking RMF and FedRAMP right now by itself, automating in a DevSecOps process, need a cyber compliance engine for your Software Factory or are even migrating on premise to cloud infrastructure — OpenRMF Professional can help ease the workload and get you there faster.



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Dale Bingham

Dale Bingham

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