New Features in OpenRMF Professional v2.10

Dale Bingham
4 min readApr 12, 2024


We finally released our long-awaited v2.10 of Soteria Software’s flagship product, OpenRMF Professional. Here are highlights of 3 new features people have requested and are falling in love with already.

OpenRMF Professional v2.10 Release with great new Features

Missing Checklist Wizard

Have you ever wondered if you are missing a checklist based on your Operating System or the software installed on your machine?

That is what the new Missing checklist Wizard is for in v2.10 of OpenRMF Professional. This wizard will search the selected devices, look at the OS as well as the list of software from patch scan uploads and other software added, then search the default Templates to make suggestions.

From there you can select the ones that make the most sense. And then add them. OpenRMF Professional will grab the template, make your checklist, inject the hostname, and then all the rest of the automation kicks in. You know, the linking of the POAM, scoring of the checklist, scoring of the system package, etc.

From there you can edit vulnerabilities, upload proper scans, use the bulk edit and bulk lock feature, and then regenerate compliance to see where you stand.

Run the Missing Checklist Wizard to find possible missing checklists based on OS and Software of devices

Assessors can also use this to make sure you have all the things you need to have.

Or better yet, YOU do it before any assessment and show them you know how to do your job well! That building of rapport and trust is invaluable.

Checklist Applicability Wizard

Launch the Checklist Applicability Wizard to choose new checklists for a host/device/application

If the Missing Checklist Wizard does a cleanup on looking for checklists you need from the backend, then the Checklist Applicability Wizard does a similar process from the starting point.

Enter your host/device/application name first. Then step through and choose from available OS, network device, applications (general, Microsoft, Database, Web, etc.) as well as Custom checklists. Click the Add button next to the checklists you think you need.

When you select OS, device, application, and other checklists in the wizard you summarize and then create

When all is done, the Summary screen shows you the hostname/device/application and then lists all checklists to create. Click Create to get them in play.

OpenRMF Professional will grab the template, make your checklist, inject the hostname, and then (again) do all the rest of the automation kicks in.

As we said earlier…the linking of the POAM, scoring of the checklist, scoring of the system package, and all the other baked-in goodness.

Device Profiles

Setup known good ports, protocols, and services in a profile — then attach to one or more devices

Finally, we have Device Profiles. Think of a device profile as the list of known good (allowable) ports/protocol/service combinations allowed on a device. All grouped together in a list that can be assigned to 1 or more devices.

Why do this? Well because you can easily run a report (below) to show what devices/hosts have that profile. And which ones are out of alignment or may have some extras running.

This is based on the machine PPSM listing you uploaded or that got pulled automagically from a patch scan. It can make sure your documentation and policies are not just written. But followed. With proof. Based on real scan data.

Run a report to find hardware profiles with extra PPS against the designated profile

Where to Find More

There are even more features you can see from our press release on v2.10. You can go to and click the Demo or Evaluate buttons to learn more.

Or check out one of our Value Added Resellers like OneZero Solutions and see how they can help you automate your cyber compliance using OpenRMF Professional.

Do the Work. Automate the Paperwork!



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