Bulk Lock Vulnerabilities on your STIG Checklists in OpenRMF Professional v2.4

Bulk Locking of Checklist Vulnerabilities entries

Stop False Positives from SCAP Scan Updates

I love automation. I hate wasting time. Especially non-value-added time. And OpenRMF Professional capitalizes on that idea tremendously. But with everything there is always some things to watch on hyper automation.

Lock Vulnerabilities easily across checklists to stop false positives and improper updates.

Stop Manual Updates from Live Editing and Checklist Uploads

This locking feature also stops the live edits from happening through the web browser. So the “…” menu to edit the vulnerabilities as well as the Bulk Edit Vulnerabilities screen stops users from changing information on vulnerabilities that have been locked. If you need to change it, unlock them and then change the information. All through a web browser.

OpenRMF Professional to the Rescue

OpenRMF Professional automates much of the RMF and FedRAMP process, helping decrease the time to an ATO or approval by 40–50%. OpenRMF’s collaborative environment eliminates much of the manual labor and isolated work involved in aligning the NIST controls and sub-controls, checklists, patch scans, POA&Ms, and compliance generation and then manages all information in a secure central database structure. This allows automatic generation and updating of the POA&M, Test Plan Summary, and various other security and RMF or FedRAMP reports.



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Dale Bingham

Dale Bingham

CEO of Soteria Software. Developer on OpenRMF. Software Geek by trade. Father of three daughters. Husband. Love new tech where it fits. Follow at @soteriasoft